My name is Tony Mendoza.  I am a digital media producer based in Las Vegas, NV.  My passion is putting the polish on my client’s projects.  

The way I work is simple. You share your vision while I listen to every nuance of your project.  From there we decide on a plan of action and the real fun begins.

Having produced feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials, I will be able to guide you through the process it takes getting your project off the ground and on the screen.

The reason I am so motivated to help others needing digital content is that I'm a creative type myself.  I know without a doubt that collaboration brings the best out of any project. 

Ready to start your project

Email or call  (702) 372-1201


Pre-Production Prep

Plan Ahead
  • Script coverage & rewrites
  • Scheduling
  • Budgets & contracts
  • Location scouting
  • Assistance securing crew & talent
  • Administrative assistance

Production Management

Fun Begins
  • On set Director
  • Unit Production Manager
  • First Assistant Director
  • Footage management & storage
  • SAG contracts, daily logs, time sheets
  • Last minute logistics

Post-Production Supervision

Locked Picture
  • Editing supervisor
  • 5.1 Sound design & mixing
  • Color correction and editing
  • Coordinate with music composer
  • Facilitate poster design
  • Export to all industry formats