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Java Red

Written by Craig Vanderslice

The Java Red was released in 2017 by Rocky Patel as the newest addition to their popular coffee infused line. Java is made for Rocky Patel by Drew Estate in Esteli. I’ve actually seen these in the aging rooms and on the factory floor in the Gran Fabrica Drew Estate (Java in general, pre-Java Red) so I know this to be true and I know that they use top quality tobacco. The new Java Red adds a cherry component to the infusion, adding to the chocolate and coffee flavors. These are box pressed and come in six sizes, Corona, Petite Corona, Robusto. Toro, Gordo, and Wafe (a nearly flat shape unique to the brand). I’ve smoked the Robusto and found it to be a very pleasant cigar, the infusion is very smooth and subtle, it’s a welcome change of pace, and great with a strong cup of coffee!

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