Written by Antonio Nicassio.

He hoped to never kill again, but he was wrong.

Finally, home from combat operations, all Wesley Ericksons wants now is to live in peace with his pregnant wife Maggie. However, life in his small town proves to be more dangerous than the battlefield he returned from.

Being unknowingly sucked into a robbery turned murder against an organized crime family, Wes and Maggie are now being hunted by a sadistic and very eccentric hit team.

With his back in a corner and time running out, Wes must play his last hand where the lives of his family are the stakes … and nobody folds.

Set on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada, this high-octane action novel delivers a thrilling and heart-pounding story. Fans of Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and the Mayor of Kingstown will love Nevada Lowball.

"... an adrenaline rush on steroids resulted in an exemplary and thrilling tale of suspense." Readers' Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest, ★★★★★

"A fast-paced drama of brotherhood and desperation. The high-octane plot moves fast, the secondary characters make for unpredictable villains, and Nicassio delivers a page-turning, high-stakes thriller that unfolds as breezily as a movie." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★