We are your NEXT SHOT.
A media company specializing in all forms of
digital content based in Las Vegas, NV.

Feature films, short films, documentaries, television commercials, web series and podcasts are projects we produce. Whether you're a company looking to create content for marketing or an individual with a story you have to share with the world, TNS are the experts you want in your corner

Our Services

Features, Shorts, Documentaries, Commercials and Web Series

From concept to final output, we can develop, execute and finish your project on time and on budget.


We specialize in 4K editing, color grading, sound design & 5.1 surround sound mixing. We work with all Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Concept Development

Need help converting an idea into a compelling story? We are the polish to your project. We take good ideas and make them into great finished works.

Digital Marketing

Digital Press Packets
Company Branding
Marketing Strategy
We will help you figure out what the best approach is for your needs.


And Many More...